Tall Tales

Those small imaginations have to grow. They have to come out. Out in front of everyone. Everyone who would glue their eyes on you. Eagerly waiting to be teleported to some Utopian world. Maybe, just that they aren’t true. But they can be thought of and discovered. Perhaps, future holds the answer.

Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest

Grab the chance to show off your funny bone this chilly winters OR maybe display your critical ricochet of the speaker to impress our judges 

But the Crux is “Either you win or you learn how to”

Oh yes, popcorn would be allowed, but can’t guarantee that you could finish it off. You might forget to eat while laughing, you know

Joint Meetings

A ruminating topic with mind bogglers, what more does one crave for on a fresh Sunday Morning?

Let’s join for the most awaited joint meet of two peppy players, GCTC and TCS Maitree Gurgaon Toastmasters Club

Speech Marathan

Its time that we embrace colors in our meeting!!
Lets come together clad in blue to get glued to the splendid Speech Marathon..!

Interesting Themes

There is nothing more interesting than an interesting topic to talk on! The Toastmasters of the day makes sure to throw some light on trending subjects happening globally. 

Themes not only make the session engaging but also enhances the grey matter of the audience. GCTC meeting is full of vibrant motif ranging from Stories to Pronunciations, being a traveler to pros of synergies and many more. Nevertheless, one of the unique quality of our club is being thematic.

Club's 1st Anniversary

Some key insights of the meeting are:

1. We had 4 CC completions and award filing.

2. We have launched our Website in spectacular way.

3. We have completed 9 out of 10 DCP goals and we are the second club in District to reach to that number.

4. We had our anniversary celebrations with a cake cutting ceremony by our District Director DTM Pallav Verma, District PQD TM Sandeep Raturi, Club Founder and DCP Chair TM Mukesh Thakur, Club Founder and biggest person in D41 DTM Rupinder Singh.

Elections Day

On 16th Dec 2017, GCTC had it’s 3rd elections with our retiring officer DTM Rupinder Singh as a Nomination Chair. The elections are held after every 6 months for Jan-June and July-Dec term. The whole meeting was full of suspense. GCTC saw a large number of nominations for different Executive Committee posts. We congratulate the elected winners and we wish that they make GCTC the best club in the District and then in Toastmasters International as a whole.

Contest Zone

TM Sinjini Sengupta, Division Level Winner in International Speech Contest (ISC) and TM Anuj Gupta, Area Level Winner in Table Topics Contest (TTC)
TM Sinjini Sengupta - Area Level Winner in Speech Evaluation Contest
TM Kiran - Area Level 1st Runner Up in Humorous Speech Contest