Gurpreet Babbar, Area Director, C2

Some have big names. But only few can justify their name. Such is the story of Gurgaon Champions Toastmasters Club.

The club comprises only and only of champions. Super talented and enthusiastic people! When I got the opportunity to serve as one of the Area Directors of Gurgaon, I had many preconceived conceptions in my mind. My home club, Central Delhi Toastmasters Club is in Central Delhi region and Gurgaon was quite new to me. As time rolled by, I only feel fortunate to have got this opportunity. My gladness is much because of this fledgling club – Gurgaon Champions Toastmasters Club.

If I ever contributed to the community in my tiniest way as an AD, GCTC is the sole reason behind it. I will call it, a true product of this Area. This is because of the reason that the club which was fairly good (just because it was a very new club) is now amongst the best in the district (competing ahead with very old clubs) and would soon be the best (GCTC’ians, you still need to unlock your maximum potential, so lets keep working).

Any club that exists is because of its members and this club is no exception. The hard work of members namely Ajay, Aishwarya, Puneet, Anuj, Saransh, Rakesh, Sinjini, Mukesh, Lohit, Dambar and many more, have made this club what it is today. Their camaraderie could be judged by the fact that from 3 DCP goals as on 1st October 2017, they were able to shoot it to 9 DCP Goals as on 10 December 2017! They became the 2nd club in District 41 to achieve 10 DCP Goals! Now that is something magical !!

My association with this club and with its members has just begun (as what I believe) and it will be for a lifetime. If someday I was asked what was my biggest gain or achievement over the last year of my term, I would proudly (with 56 inch chest) say GCTC. This is to the upcoming best club in District 41. 🙂

From their proud AD.